I help small business owners stand out with BOLD and FRESH lifestyle PHOTOS.

Lethbridge Brand Photographer

Elevate your brand.
Book your dream clients.
Transform the way you show up.

Hiding behind those mediocre phone pics isn't exactly screaming, "Hire me, I'm the expert!" And those stock photos you've plastered everywhere...? They aren't making your business stand out. Not even a little.

It's time to confidently step into the spotlight and show them what makes you the go-to expert that you are. Because in a world where clients scrolling by can make or break your business, having photos that pack a punch is no longer a luxury — it's your secret weapon.

You can't afford to BLEND IN.


Lethbridge & Calgary brand photographer.

Forget the overly curated, super posed photos. I'm here to capture the soul of your business — the untamed, authentic, and unapologetic. Why? Because in today's world, it's not just about selling a service; it's about crafting a connection. That's where I come in.

With a sprinkle of sass and a whole lot of passion, I'm not your run-of-the-mill brand photographer. I'm your partner in crime, your visual storyteller, and your secret weapon to being seen as the pro in your niche. From your obsession with sriracha-mayo (just me?!) to the unique way you help your clients, I'm all about capturing the moments that define your journey and make your brand one of a kind.




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If you're ready to feel as confident as Taylor Swift so that you can STAND OUT in your industry, proudly market your business, and establish yourself as the go-to in your industry, then you're in the right place. Together, we'll create imagery that screams 'you' and resonates with your tribe. 



Having amazing photos is one thing. Actually doing something with them, is another. In partnership with Knap Creative, we take three months of social media off your plate with delicious content that speaks to your ideal client and sounds like you. Then we pair it with brand photos and graphics AND get it all scheduled for you. WABAM!

  (Thats right. You've found your unicorns.)

samantha davies — all-ways organized

Jess has a vibe that is a perfect mix of fun, professional and efficient. One of my favourite parts of the process was the mood board and brand colouring samples Jess provided after our discovery call. She dedicated her time to us and really made it a personal and true-to-us experience.

We will 100 percent be booking with Jess again in the future.

Vanessa Nent :: PRairie WIde Financial

Oh goodness, my photoshoot turned out way better than I thought. I was extremely nervous having my photos taken for branding but Jess made me feel comfortable and guided me through the whole process, making me feel at ease the whole time. My photos turned out amazing and I cannot express how grateful I am that she took the time with me and fulfilled my every desire.

We'll chat about the disconnect between where you are now vs. how you'd like to be showing up. Then we'll create a strategic plan to guide your session and make sure everything is TOP NOTCH.

We'll have a BLAST as I guide and direct you through each moment! (No idea what to do with those dang hands? No worries. You won't be on your own here, I pinky promise.)

Your professionally edited photos will be in your hands within 3 weeks of your photo session — your social media marketing, website, email newsletters and more are about to be that much better!


 Then do a happy dance as your online marketing brings in a steady stream of excited clients... and income.

What does a brand session look like?

we'll pack in the strategy

photo shoot day!

Pop the bubbly, it's gallery delivery time!

Confidently show up in your marketing and
CONNECT with your DREAM clients.